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Dallas Criminal Immigration Law Attorney


U.S. immigration criminal law is a highly technical and complex area of U.S. law. Criminal Immigration Law is the overlap between criminal law and immigration law.
Criminal convictions can result in deportation. and a defendant’s immigration status can result in an immigration hold which can adversely affect multiple criminal sentences such as drug or alcohol treatment or release on probation or parole. Criminal and immigration counsel must therefore work very closely together.

Dallas Immigration Damage from Criminal Cases Attorney

Criminal convictions can adversely affect immigration status, possibly resulting in mandatory deportation, mandatory detention, and disqualification from eligibility for relief from removal in immigration proceedings.
Dallas Criminal Damage from Immigration Status Attorney

Additionally, a defendant’s immigration status can have adverse effects in immigration court. These adverse effects could possibly result in:
  • An immigration hold placed against a defendant who is in criminal custody.
  • Disqualification from many advantageous criminal dispositions such as:
  • Drug or alcohol treatment
  • Work and school furlough
  • Release from custody on probation or parole.
Therefore, criminal defense counsel must learn the immigration consequences affecting the defendant, in order to perform the core function of obtaining the best possible criminal disposition.
Regardless of your individual circumstances, working with an experienced Dallas Criminal Immigration Law Attorney is an important choice you can make to help improve your immigration status. Call 469-649-7880 to speak with a Dallas criminal immigration law attorney today for a free criminal immigration law consultation.
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